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Force One Paranormal is the team behind


Force One is two of the Paranormals most respected teams coming together to bring you not only the amazing event that is Paraforce UK but we will also be bringing you some truly fantastic investigations around the country.

So, who exactly are Force One?

Force One Consists of R.A Paranormal & Supernatural, (R.A.P.S) & Past Hauntings, who have been working together in the Paranormal field since 2012.

R.A.P.S are:

Lead Investigator & Founder  Vivien Powell

Lead Investigator                 Richard Smyth

Investigator                        Nery Kirby 

Tech/Investigator                 Andy Powell

Investigator                        Jo Harrisson Smyth

Investigator                        Damian Dowse

Investigator                        Gina Kirby

Investigator/Medium            Donna Taylor

Investigator                        Scott Green

Investigator                        Peter Rust


Past Hauntings are:

Lead Investigator & Founder  Sean Cadman

Investigator & Founder         Sarah Cadman

Tech/Investigator & Founder  Simon Whitt

Investigator                         Dan Cadman

Investigator                         Zara Cadman

Investigator                         Ashley Lambournne

Investigator                         Sian Cadman

Investigator                         Jon Bambra

Investigator/Medium             Sandra Dunn                              

We will be raising the money that supports and helps to fund Paraforce UK, the venue costs, hotels and travel for our guest speakers, insurance, advertising etc.

Shortly, we will begin announcing the investigations and be putting tickets on sale.

We really do have some fantastic locations and investigations lined up. So, keep checking back for more details.

From us at Force One Paranormal, we would like to thank every single one of you for your continued support.